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Discover Your”self”

Trust your intuition and discover yourself. Eliminate distractions from your life and allow yourself to be openly vulnerable. There is no such thing as right or wrong. No should, would, or could that lay dormant in the past. There are ideas, and there are creations. There are ideas inspired from creation. Above all, there is the greatest wisdom that arises from the love of the Soul. From this place, all is known in the heart of the Divine One.



Wash away fear and help me embrace love with an open heart. With shadows cast over my eyes, I avoid your adoring stare. Help me to see: looking back to feel the warmth of your gaze. Breathe.



Life is like a River

Life is like a river, flowing and changing everyday. If the waters are rough and you fight against it or attempt to control its path, the river will inevitably knock you down or sweep you off your feet. Of course there will be the few times that you escape the river’s power, until you come across another.

Let the river take you, allowing yourself to be fluid, free, and flowing. Allow it to guide you to places you could’ve never imagined.



Why do we concern ourselves with what we don’t know when we can focus our energy on what we do know? Patience is our reminder when surrendering old patterns and being born anew. Instead of seeking answers in the world around us, lets discover them in the world within us. Can we enjoy the simplicity of this moment? Allowing ourselves to be gentle and compassionate? Let us be within the unknown, witnessing and recognizing messages of the Divine. Let us be in communion with the land, connecting our roots to the Earth we were born to. Let us be here and now, letting go of all the stories of the past and creating the future we’ve always dreamed of. Let us be all that we are: an embodiment of Divine Love.



Tripping on the Step to your Destination

Transcend dualities, release mental constraints, and release conditions based on remaining small or safe. When I face what is challenging in the present moment, often times I’ve wanted to run to another place, country, or fantasized life. Who am I running from? I’ve run from myself, only delaying my souls evolution. When the mind says, “I don’t want to be here.” Where is the mind referring? I may think it is in a physical place, when really it is what I’m facing that challenges me in the moment that I’m trying to escape. My mind is convinced that there’s something “better” awaiting me. How can one compare what is better or greater? Truly that is all a matter of perspective.

When I get caught within the mind, it continues to form my reality based on my reoccurring thought-forms. How can the mind move beyond its limited beliefs if I don’t challenge it to expand and grow? There is no need to keep riding the pendulum of duality, swinging from one extreme to the next. Have I no faith in simply embracing the moment? Trust in the unknown. Be here now. There are infinite possibilities and resources ready and available to be accessed. There is so much love, beauty, and joy in the world just waiting to be experienced! It’s all here, I just need to remember to open my arms, open my heart, and surrender to the divine, my true inner bliss!

Since I’ve been writing this, sitting outside Java Kai in Kauai, I’ve been witnessing something quite humorous. I’ve seen 3 different people trip on a step on their way into the coffee shop. They have been so busy looking straight ahead of them at their destination that they forgot about the step that leads them there! They fumbled and nearly fell on what was right in front of them, guiding them with graceful ease to where they wanted to go. All they needed to do was expand their vision and see the step that was always there, waiting to take them to their destination.